All of the following services are exclusively offered to patients 18 and older.

1/ Initial evaluation
Every person who wishes to commence treatment must first schedule and participate in an initial psychiatric evaluation with me. During this initial evaluation, we will, among other things, review the development of current symptoms, any past psychiatric problems, past and current medical problems, medications, allergies, family, developmental and social history. We will discuss treatment plans that may be appropriate for the person’s particular situation. This initial evaluation typically lasts for 75 minutes.

2/ Medication management with brief psychotherapy
The focus of these brief sessions (lasting approximately 30 minutes) is to discuss the effects of prescribed psychiatric medications, review existing psychiatric symptoms, and evaluate whether the current treatment plan is appropriately designed to address them.

3/ Individual psychotherapy with or without medication management
Based on the psychiatric problems and personality structure presented by the particular patient, a specific style of therapy would be chosen to commence treatment. During the course of treatment, therapeutic styles may be changed or modified to best address the patient’s issues. The following therapeutic styles are the ones most frequently employed: insight oriented, cognitive-behavioral, supportive and psychodynamic psychotherapy. These sessions will typically last for 45 minutes.

4/ Analytically oriented psychotherapy.
This form of therapy would require a long-term commitment between patient and therapist. For this type of therapy, I employ psychoanalytic techniques based on Lacanian principles. These sessions can typically last for up to 75 minutes.

5/ Forensic evaluations
The scope of my forensic practice is restricted to adult patients needing the following types of evaluation: retention (civil and CPL 330.20), capacity to give consent for treatment (Treatment Over Objection), competency to stand trial (CPL 730), and NGRI evaluations (not guilty by reason of insanity). These forensic evaluations cannot be scheduled through my online calendar. Instead, you must send me an e-mail ( or call me (646-775-5765), providing relevant contact information, a brief description of the patient’s case and the nature of the evaluation sought.

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